Voom Express Art Academy

Getting great Stuff from us starts with great artwork. Voom Express is a tool that can be used to manage a lot of your Stuff, and ordering can be different depending on the piece you are ordering. Click an option below to learn more based on how you are ordering your stuff. If you have any trouble at all finding the information you need, we are standing by with answers, so we welcome you to contact us with any questions you have.

If you or your designer are preparing art offline to be uploaded when ordering your items on Voom Express, Artwork basics will give you the info you need to set up your art correctly including the basics like bleed, image resolution, saving the file correctly and the best file formats for upload.

Artwork basics
Learn more about the various ways to send artwork to Voom including how to upload, accepted file types, our Voom guaranteed file check, sending art for multiple orders at once, or any other questions you might have about ordering stuff with art prepared offline.

Uploading art
Our online design tool can work very differently based on the products you are ordering. Learn more about how to use the design tool for ordering simple items like preformatted business cards to fully customized products designed from scratch and get great results every time you order.

Using the Designer
Do you need help with design? Look no further. Learn more about having Voom design your project for you. Our experienced designers are standing by to design beautiful Stuff just for you quick and easy. Learn more about having Voom's graphic artists prepare your art for you.

Voom Design
Designing with metallic inks? Using sleeking and foil techniques in your print? Printing with white ink? Need help with how to design a job with a cut path? Visit our advanced design guide to learn more about how to make your Stuff even more awesome.

Advanced design