Posted on 10/7/2020

Our newest Printer

Voom has been known to invest in the very best printing equipment available. This time, however, we may have outdone ourselves.

Introducing our newest large format addition!

This flatbed printer has opened up a whole new world of printing possibilities!

  • Increased production speeds will lower costs on those large format jobs. From yard signs to custom metal graphics, we are getting it done faster, and with the highest quality available.
  • 4 color process printing with white for printing on colored or clear substrates.
  • We can now print substrates up to 10 feet by 5 feet in total area and up to 6 inches thick! Take your door off the hinges and we could (theoretically) print on it. ??
  • From plastics to acrylics, corrugated  cardboard to foam boards, metal to flexible substrates, if it is flat – we can print it!
  • Outstanding outdoor durability and UV resistance for long term applications.

The best way to understand what this amazing new machine can do, is to come visit our shop and see it in action. From the auto off-load feature in full production mode to the music it can play. (Yes, our new printer can actually play music!) Our newest large format capability will give you more marketing capability.