Welcome to a new way to Voom

Posted on 7/19/2021

Welcome to a new way to Voom

      Well, it has been a very long journey to get us here, but I officially welcome you to Voom Express. I think it is going to be one of the coolest tools for print that we have unveiled in many years - and that is a tough thing to say coming for a guy that loves to buy massive industrial print equipment. Voom Express is finally a reality and we want to tell you how we think it will make us a better printer, that is easier to work with, with better service, and at a better value than ever before -  or anywhere else - Real Print Management, From real Printers. 

I am going to be the first to admit that I never thought I would see the day that you would be able to order print from us on a website. Not that I didn't think that online printers had a place - it was just never really "us"... The things we do never fit into a box like products you get from a cookie cutter online printer, so if you wanted to choose the cost savings and convenience of an online printer, you have to give up the ability to customize your print and order print the way you want it - you had to order it the way they sell it... That was yesterday. 

Today, technology has finally caught up with traditional print and I think that what we are bringing you is different than anything else you will find on the web. All the conveniences of online ordering - with print management features you never even knew were possible - but with the customization and service level of the printer you have been calling and emailing for almost 20 years now, we are the people you know, and there is still a good chance the guy that is writing this article telling you about the tool we built - might still answer the phone if you call - and definitely will if you ask for me. We are going to bring all the ease of having an online ordering portal to the products you order from us every day with online store value - not a store that that might have a good fit for that "thing" your business needs to order, but a store that makes that "thing" you need to order a product in your own personal online print management platform. Your partner that can still do all of the things that you cant do anywhere else on the web is now your own personal printing powerhouse for every print need you have. 

Contact to us today to learn how we can make print work better for your company. We can talk all day about how great it is going to be, but there is nothing like showing you. Want to see the product you are ordering from us in your store and learn about how we can make print management easier, more affordable, faster, and well, just fun? Contact us today and let us show you what the new way to manage print looks like.