Why I love my Wife #1896

Posted on 9/12/2020
Tags: Printdork

Why I love my Wife #1896

Apologies for the clickbait, But my beautiful bride always finds a way to take things just a few steps farther. This is example #1896...

We were out with friends many years ago in a city far from home, trying to find ways to get into trouble, when we got into a discussion about the possibility of getting tattoos. I had secretly always wanted a tattoo, but I never felt like there was anything I was "tattoo serious" about. I always took the responsibility of choosing one seriously, but I am also not really a serious person. 

I am however serious about printing, and I am serious about not taking myself too serious. So I made my decision to memorialize my love for print with a tattoo of the founder of modern printing himself, Mr Steve Guttenberg. 

I probably already lost most of you, but bear with me... You see, Steve Guttenberg was not the founder of modern print. He is however, the American treasure and lovable actor that swept us off our feet on the big screen in the 80's... So I thought it would be great to tell my story of my love for print and my desire for an awesome tattoo, then rip off my shirt while I exclaim my adoration for the inventor of modern print ! Only to see the expression of the viewer as they realize I accidentally got the guy from Three Men and a Baby, instead of the actual founder of modern print Johannes Gutenberg... Ok, I was a new dad at the time, and I had already become fond of the dad joke concept. No one could have seen Tom Hanks coming out of nowhere to take all the good roles for the next 20 years. 

Well, you can imagine, My love for Steve Guttenberg has only blossomed through the years of telling that joke, and now, 20 years later, explaining to everyone who he is and how great he is (he really is, I mean come on)... 

So fast forward to today, when we figured out that we had built the greatest online print management platform ever created. I told my beautiful wife, that what we had built was so epic, we absolutely had to get Steve Guttenberg to make a commercial to introduce the site - because "only the founder of modern printing himself could have envisioned such a thing", then I would introduce Steve who explains, "For the last time Erich, tell your people to stop calling me, I am not the inventor of Print!".  In my mind it was going to be greatest dad/print joke of all time. I giggled in my office for hours at the thought of having him do a commercial for us... 

Then, literally, first thing the next morning, I received this...  (what a good sport)

I'm a little concerned with how many times he tells me how great my wife is... :)