Help Hub

A quick (ish) guide to working with the Voom Group and our website, Voom Express.
We have printing company roots, but we have had the good fortune of working with customers that continually drove us to add new capabilities and services to fulfill orders with diverse and challenging requirements. We have had a blast doing that for almost 20 years now. The best part is, we are still working with those same customers today. Now, we are a printing, sign, display, point-of-purchase, mailing, packaging, advertising specialty, laser, large format, dyesub, widget, gadget and the list goes on and on manufacturing company. We make an incredible amount of stuff. We built Voom Express as a tool to make it easier for our customers to order the "Stuff" they get from us.

So, now you know that there is a lot more to The Voom Group than what you are going to find in the public product pages of Voom Express. Our first piece of advice is to contact us to get things going. We have a lot of ways to help you and opening a dialogue with a human being is probably the best way to start working together. If you are a small business or even just a person and are just looking to order something that we sell on our site, we welcome you to do that. (like duh) We hope you find working with us easy and we are close by to help anytime, no matter what you are ordering. We are excited to make all the stuff we sell here, so we thank you for that opportunity, we will do a good job for you.

The real fun of working with the Voom Group is when we can take the stuff you need for your company and add it to our special little section within our little corner of the internet where we keep all your stuff on Voom Express. So, best to start out learning about Stuff, then you should set up an account. Once you have an account set up you can use the add stuff, reorder stuff, and fix stuff forms to maintain the stuff we can do for you.

While you are waiting for us to get your stuff set up for you, there are some resources for learning about how to work with us. Starting with the art academy where you can find art basics to learn how to build art files that you can upload when placing your orders. You can also learn about using our design tool to create art online from scratch, or using templates we set up for your company. You can also find out about letting Voom Design your artwork for you and some advanced art guides for learning about creating artwork for special effects like sleeking, printing with metallic inks, special finishing techniques and more.

We make managing all of that stuff you need for your company easy, whether a small company that needs business cards and marketing materials for a salesoforce of 10, or you are an enterprise with 3,000 locations across the country, we have a custom suite of tools to manage all your printing needs in one place. Of course we welcome you to browse our products and services, we have an ever growing list of stuff that is available to order off the shelf, but that is only a small part of what we do, so unlock the power of Voom Express by contacting us today!