Road Warrior Banner Stand

Ready for your most grueling banner stand needs.

This beast of a stand is ready for trade show thunderdome. Our most durable, packed with features that make it a smart investment. . Smart styling 33" standard width is also available in 24", 36", and 48" widths, It is adjustable in height from 62" to 84" with its telescoping pole. Replacement parts are available and your graphics are user changeable (only $89) so you buy one stand and use it for years as your booth changes to grow with your brand. Invest in a hard shipping case if you are shipping form show to show, and we also have light kits available.

Printed on The most technically advanced 10oz. vinyl on the market today, this ensures exceptionally rich color and image clarity, no matter which hardware you choose, your print will be flawless. Manufactured domestically to exacting standards.

 Flat black back to reduce glare

Guaranteed no curled edges

Viewable Graphic size is 33" (w) x 86" (h) and is adjustable down to 62" (h)

Artwork should be set up on a 33 x 91" artboard, with 1/8" bleed. The bottom 5" of the artboard rolls up into the hardware, so it is not visible in the finished product (but you should still bleed your art into that area). The top 3/4" or so of the artboard is also covered up by the top clamp, so bleed art there, but know that it will be covered by the clamp. This stand has an adjustable telescoping pole, so finished graphic can be adjusted from 62 to 86" tall (from the top of the artboard down).

Road Warrior Template - Ilustrator

Road Warrior Template - pdf

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