Uploading Your Art

Before uploading your artwork when placing an order, make sure you have familiarized yourself with our artwork basics to be sure your files are print ready. If you are unsure about any aspects of your print file, please be sure to select the "Voom Guaranteed File Check" option to have your file inspected prior to printing (see more below).

When you have sleected your order options and you're ready to place press the "Upload Your File" button. The following upload window will open. Please name your project for ease of finding it later in your order history, when referring to your order in email, or when calling to check on your order. Add any notes or comments you want us to know, then select your file(s) and click the Add to cart / Customize button to continue your order.

You can upload files such as tax certificates or additional requested files at our corporate site HERE

Voom Guaranteed File Check

Request a Voom Guaranteed File Check to have a Voomie perform a complete file check and if necessary, any file conversions or corrections, to make sure your files are print ready. We will check for artboard size problems, bleed issues, file resolution issues, color space issues, as well as confirm that your file meets all requirements necessary to meet the pdf X-1a standard that we recommend for the best possible printed output for your file. Once your file has been inspected, you will receive an email from a Voomie with the status of your order. If your file is found to be in good order, your order is processed without delay. If any problems are found, we will report the issues and potential resolution as well as a pdf proof if we suspect that there may have been any changes to your art during the inspection and conversion process, or if we find file problems that we are unable to repair.

Hard copy proofs and production samples are also available Contact a Voomie to learn more.